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Cost management directly hit your business ROI, and to eliminate the overall cost, you can not consider the quality. Keeping this in mind, many companies believe in their post-production team when it comes to product photography.

Cost management directly hit your business ROI, and to eliminate the overall cost, you can not consider the quality. Keeping this in mind, many companies believe in their post-production team when it comes to product photography.

However, it never works out.


Because you have a team who are expensive with their services. Hence to outsource your services would be the best option. On the other hand, you will outsource it to such a service provider, who will have the same expertness for image retouching and don’t overlook it at all. 

But to whom you will rely on? Not all image editing company are not reliable to outsource, and not all of them are reliable to handle your deadline and most importantly understand your retouching work. 

In this article, we will broadly discuss how to eliminate your cost by outsourcing and share some tips to whom you should outsource.

So, let’s begin………..

How to eliminate product photography cost from outsourcing

Product retouching

Retouching is not an easy task that anyone can do applying some methods. Again it is not a fixing job rather it is all about representation and the more skilled people you will get to outsource the better output you will get. Here are some following benefits from a perfect outsource company 

1. Ensure ROI

2. Make your editing faster with a bulk amount

3. Branding your product with unique images

4. Optimize your e-commerce website

5. Image editing helps viral product photography

1. Ensure ROI: The first arrow should be hit to the main goal, that is securing your ROI. When you think about any outsourcing company, it is hard to define which will return your money on the investment. Keep in mind, never fix the pricing before you don’t know what quality retouching the company can provide to you. 

You can define them with some key points that an ideal image outsource company can meet the goal.

What are they?

Check out the free trial: Free trial is possibly the best option that you can verify and gain trust whether the company can capable of your given task or not. On the other hand, it is pretty easy to utilize the offer as you don’t even ask them for it. The service provider pins this offer just on their service website so you can simply send a few images to them.

Check out the professionalism: A hard stuff to verify but still possible. So far it is the best integrity that every company should have and you need to make sure at the first shot. To make sure that, you can read how they send you the email. Do they exaggerate the offer? For example, they will just shoot the arrow without knowing the target like they will be too much boastfull and whatever you will ask they will answer you without showing you some smart reasons. It could be about the bulk amount process, pricing, and quality

2. Make your editing faster with a bulk amount: Product photography comes with a bulk amount of images to edit them and post them on the e-commerce business site. It could be ten thousand in a week or even more.

Even if, your service company can pull out the quality but fail to process the images in a bulk amount then it seems you they are only halfway done in their services. So you need such company who can make a faster editing process with their huge capacity and then provide it within crossing the deadline. Besides, they should confirm how much bulk size editing they can process.

The time itself worth money, as a studio owner you need to deliver all the perfect retouching images on time and it becomes tough when you require a company who can process it in a bulk amount. Moreover, they won’t miss the deadline, never and ever in a lifetime. Hence, it is the toughest job indeed!

“Everyone may ensure you the high-quality retouch service but a few of them can make it faster with a bulk amount processing, and you are looking for that one image editing company”

3. Branding your product with unique images: Product photography symbolize the product and make people stoned, which is the ultimate goal of it. Besides, it is the main focus for branding your product with uniques and stunning images.

But, in every photo, there is a story of retouching and most of the viewers don’t get it. However, the retouching task helps your product for branding. 

More or less, every business wants to showcase their product and remove the unwanted things from it. For example, if you have taken a picture with an amazing background, however, someone inadvertently come while clicking the snap. The retouching staff will help you to remove the person out of the image and give you more ease with your product photography.

4. Optimize your e-commerce website: Have you ever seen any e-commerce website without images? Sounds weird, and almost every e-commerce website’s showcase the best photo of products that comes from high-end retouching. 

To churn out thousands of images is not an easy task unless you have retouching help. E-commerce site always needs help from the retoucher and they want a bulk amount of images for retouching. 

Why do you need a trustworthy retoucher team for your e-commerce site?

More or less every site has a big team and they work round the clock to finish the work before the deadline. The more images the more trust and expertness required to form a team. Therefore, there is no alternative to get the service done by offshore retouching company. As you save huge money from them.

Imagine, you have 10 thousand images to process if you can save at least thousands dollar when you are outsourcing to in any Asian image editing service provider, just like us. 

“Whenever you have bulk images to retouch, you can not avoid the cost minimization opportunity, that comes from an Asian image editing service provider, like us!”

5. Retouching helps Viral product photography: This is the ultimate goal of branding any product is to make it viral online and offline. Branding helps to make one product go viral when the images go across every nook and corner of social media. But images with no retouching doesn’t seem appealing to people.

Secondly, whenever, you will find dust within the microscopic vision and the product is not shining properly, there is no alternative to retouching. 

It is wise to hand over all your images to a service provider who can ensure the great quality of retouching and eliminate the cost for your product photography business.