Web Image Optization Service

Web image optimization service is very important when we publish an image on the web, there are some minimum tasks to be applied in order for it to fit your web-page and make it look good and at the same time optimize it so that your web-page load faster.

The image optimization may include removing background, cropping extra unused area outside product, straightening, resizing and finally saving it in web optimized format.

Depending on your requirement, we can save the file in JPG or PNG format. JPG is the most commonly used format as it can reduce the file size significantly while maintaining the desired quality. JPG is useful if you need a fixed plain background color such as white.

On the other hand, PNG is the second commonly used format for publishing images on the web. The reason people use PNG format is because it can hold a transparent background. This is a must if you want to put your photo on the page and you want the background to be seen through the image. PNG format makes the file size a bit larger than JPG.

Here we are ready to provide you best web image optimization service, ensuring all changes are saved in web optimized format, increasing loading speed.


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